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The Director

Steven M. Ilous

With more than a decade of professional experience, Steven is the founder and lead director at SMI Entertainment. With a body of work marked by his imaginative use of high-end technology, Steven bridges traditional storytelling with imagery that displays power, depth and originality.

His professional career started at Stan Lee Media, where he worked closely with comic book legend Stan Lee. Shortly thereafter, he was invited to work on "The Matrix 2" and "The Matrix 3" as an integral part of the motion capture crew, used to create digital doubles for the characters Neo and Agent Smith. Steven continued to push the industry with his core involvement in Performance Capture Technology for Robert Zemeckis' "The Polar Express." This first-of-its-kind movie paved the way for James Cameron's "Avatar," and Spielberg's "Tin-Tin".

After successfully making a transition to writing, Steven developed several feature projects, including "Love Ark" for DreamWorks Animation and "Bi-Polar" for Starz Media. Continuing to expand to other mediums, Steven ventured to primetime television at Twentieth Century Fox. In his first network deal, Steven served as co-creator and co-executive producer on the "Life and Times of Jimmy Jaxx".

Although some may think this is just a progression from visual effects artist to director/writer, Steven blazed his own path and accomplished all this by age 26.

Now solidified as talent for the new age of filmmaking, Steven continues to push boundaries, finding new and creative ways to bring the emotional experience of storytelling to evolving audiences. Steven currently resides in Los Angeles, California and is an active TED and WGA member.

Steven enjoys the piano, computer graphics, photography, global roaming, Paleolithic cuisine, deliberate curiosity and a great laugh.

Awards and achievements:
Features: Los Angeles Times, Millimeter, Animation Magazine, Post, iTunes, MTV, VH1, AOL, MYSPACE, NME, SPINNER, PITCHFORK, DAILY MOTION.

Lectures and Courses:
University of Southern California Cinema Guest Lecturer on Future of Cinema with Performance Capture Technology, University of Gotland (Sweden).

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The Motion Designer/Director

Onur Senturk

Onur Senturk studied traditional painting and figure drawing followed by a traditional animation degree as his BFA. He took part in several international and national collaborative exhibitions with works in both print and time-based media. He designed and animated "Triangle" which is awarded twice by Vimeo as best motion graphics and "Nokta" which received honorary mention from Ars Electronica in Computer Animation/Film/VFX category. He has been featured in many national and international magazines, newspapers, events, such as Onedotzero, Stash, Computer Arts, Freemote Born Digital and Motionographer with interviews, presentations, articles and showcases both online and published. He contributed David Fincher version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo opening titles with design animation and creative direction at Blur Studios. Onur currently works as a designer, director and lives in Los Angeles, California.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
John Carter
Final Destination

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